Endodontic Root Canals

Root canals are the removal of infected tissue from within a tooth. This area is then filled.

Root Canal

With advanced and surprisingly comfortable endodontic therapy you have an alternative to tooth removal whereby you'll retain full use of your natural teeth.

Endodontic therapy involves the removal of tissue from inside the tooth that has been damaged by trauma or infected by decay. After the pulp is removed, the pulp chamber and root canal system is cleaned, disinfected and sealed. Once a root canal is completed, two other procedures are generally needed to complete the restoration of the tooth. The first is a post and core, which replaced the missing tooth structure. The second, is a crown. The crown is needed to solidify the tooth, which is usually brittle after the procedure and has often broken down from the previous large restoration.

We also may perform a 3-dimensional CBCT scan of the tooth to verify the structure of the root canal system.

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