Dentures & Dental Implants

Dentures and Denture Implants offer a secure way to a comfortable and natural looking smile.

Bellefontefamilydentistry Dentures

Considering Dentures or Dental Implants? Bellefonte Family Dentistry can offer guidance as you make the best decision for your long-term health and happiness.

If you've lost teeth from decay, injury or periodontal (gum) disease, dentures and dental implants are a solution. Our dentures can be made of acrylic or a flexible nylon, to make them as comfortable as possible.

  • Complete Dentures: Complete replacement your missing teeth either on the top, bottom, or both jaws.
  • Partial Dentures: Replacement of multiple missing teeth in a painless, cosmetically pleasing fashion.
  • Flexible Base Partial Dentures: Flexible nylon, which makes them blend into the surrounding tissue almost seamlessly.
Dental Implants

Denture Implants are an excellent choice for cosmetic smile restoration. These implants are offer enhanced chewing ability, comfort and are the next best thing to your natural teeth.

Implants can provide you freedom from denture pastes and adhesives. They'll also provide the support they need to keep them in place while smiling, chewing, and doing your normal routine.

To schedule a complimentary initial consultation to discuss if dentures or dental implants are a solution for you, contact Bellefonte Family Dentistry today at 814-355-1587.