Emergency Care

You never know when a dental emergency may come up. We provide a variety of ways that you can get ahold of the doctor in case of an emergency.

Bellefontefamilydentistry Emergencydental

Accidents can happen. Bellefonte Family Dentistry can help with Emergency Dentistry if the occasion arise.

Emergencies can come up from toothaches, chipped or fractured teeth, teeth abscess or infection, sore gum issues or general dental repair.

We can also provide temporary relief from sharp areas from fractures and place temporary fillings, if we are not able to provide your permanent treatment in an expedited manner. Either way we’ll do our best to get you out of pain and on your way as quickly as possible.

Contact Bellefonte Family Dentistry for emergency dental services in Bellefonte, State College and the surrounding area at 814-355-1587.