TMJ (Jaw Pain Therapy)

Commonly misdiagnosed or overlooked, subtle misalignments in the Temporomandibular joints can be a common significant source of head and neck pain. If you have frequent and severe head or neck pain you owe it to yourself to investigate our doctors life-changing approach to correcting these TMJ problems.

Symptoms of TMJ
   • Popping, clicking, or crackling sounds in or near the ear
   • Pain when opening or closing the mouth
   • Tenderness or soreness of the jaw
   • Pain or tenderness when chewing
   • Ringing in the ears
   • Severe pain in the joint area
   • Dizziness
   • Headaches
   • Pain around the eyes, cheeks
   • Chronic fatigue
   • Tenderness and swelling at the sides of the face
   • "Locking" of the jaw
   • Toothaches
   • Tingling or burning sensations in the mouth, tongue, or throat

The approach involves a special device worn in the mouth...along with a regime of corrective therapy. It's an end to neck and headache pain...and a new, more comfortable life!

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